Eileen Adamson

Today my husband, David Adamson lost his mom. 96 years young. Life is a journey lived well by those who are unafraid to live it. Eileen Edith Picton Adamson was one of those people. For those of you who know me well know that I have written many stories about my mother in law., Of course all of them flattering. She has been my muse of satyrical memoir you could say. She has provided me with a wonderful potpourri of characters, sassy and formidable. She was a force to be reckoned with, of strong English/Welsh stock, whose life wasn’t always east. But she didn’t give up. As a young woman she was a Model for Karsh, a well known photographer of the day, circa 1940-50’s. He photographed Churchill and other notable dignitaries. Eileen also wrote a script for the Honeymooners that was accepted and when she found out that they didn’t want to pay the going rate, she told them where to stick it. She continued her professional life as a social worker for the Canadian Government and worked tirelessly to help those less fortunate than herself. Eileen was a dedicated mother who’s son David was everything to her, He was her sunshine in the morning and the beautiful sky at dusk. She doted on her grandchildren as much as was humanly possible. Family was everything to her. And of course being in the limelight. She was never vain, always ready to give of herself and not judgmental of others. She was a pistol. Full of piss and vinegar so to speak. She is definitely not someone that can be forgotten. Ever. By anyone. Even George Clooney kissed her deliberately on the cheek at
a Christmas party we took her to. Her journey was long and adventuresome. From Ottawa, Canada to the Bluffs of Baja. From California to the Mountains of Colorado. She spent the last days of her life near her girlhoood cottage along the Rideau River. It was a fantastic journey and she relished every minute of it. She was a nature and animal lover and if you took a road trip with her she knew the name of every tree and flower. It was like having your own personal tour guide through the wild. Her life, like the nature she loved so much was fully appreciated by her. She never lost her childlike attitudes or the girlish fun and dry wit that always kept us amused. And a language that was all her own. Full of Eileen isms that endeared her to us. So to little “E” “Auntie Eileen” and “E-Gnome” we would like to say, in the words of Carol Burnett “We’re so glad we had this time together.” Safe travels. You are loved. You are now reunited with your father Edgar, who you loved so much. Dave, Harriet, Lesley, Sophie, Jesse and Lane.


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